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Christian Santiago (left) and Preston Denham (right) met while attending the University of Arkansas and through being in the same fraternity and being in many of the same classes, quickly began brainstorming the idea of one day owning a brand together.

Our Story

The idea behind Glass Half Full came from the idea of being thankful for what you have and not what has been taken away. 

Preston was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis and has grown up with the mentality that if you focus on the bad in life, things will only get worse, so maintaining a positive outlook on life was a necessity.

After meeting Christian and seeing the way the room would explode with energy when he entered and how no one could be sad when he was around.  Preston knew he wanted to have him on this project.

When Christian and Preston first met during pledge ship, Christian’s ability to become best friends with any stranger who walked into the room and Preston’s ability to make anyone laugh, they immediately gained each other’s respect and started to gravitate towards similar roles and groups in their college careers. They were assigned projects and committees together and ultimately would start discussing working on something after they graduated.

During this time Christian learned about Preston’s daily life with Cystic Fibrosis. Soon the mindset of not looking for sympathy, not letting things consume you, making the best of the life you have, and asking “is that all you’ve got?” when things go wrong became an everyday practice.

From Christians eyes, he has always focused on the brighter things in life and refused to let outside factors bring him down.  He believes that many of the negative experiences you will have in life are short, and ultimately do not negatively affect you finding your life’s purpose. Focus on changing what you have the power to change and don’t let other things affect you negatively.